Tuesday, 26 October 2010

New Writers Club reviews Four Thousand Miles

I've just finished reading the exciting new book Four Thousand Miles by Jesi Lea Ryan, who I guess we can now call a new member to New Writers Club, and we're just delighted to have her along!
It's published by Dark Castle Lords Publications and it's about a woman whose world falls apart on her one day but who eventually... well I'm not going to give the plot away!
Jesi Lea has that unmistakable ability to take a reader and bring them along with her as she takes a journey that explores the innermost thoughts and feelings of her characters. She develops her characters in such a way that you find it impossible not to be rooting for them as you wander with them through their lives.
As well as Jesi Lea's ability to tell a good story and to make you care for what happens to her characters, her use of language to provide vivid pictures of places, seasons and times, is amongst the best you will find in writers in this genre. It's not unusual to believe that you're there with her characters; watching the same views, feeling the same winter chills tugging at your coat or the damp of a sudden shower that catches you out without an umbrella.
The story bowls you along and along rapidly to it's breathtaking conclusion... and you may find, like me, that you've hardly put it down since you started it. Somewhere, a film director and producer are looking for the perfect script for their next big film, and one hopes that they find Jesi Lea's book.

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