Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wikipedia rocks

As a new writer trying to gain recognition for a newly published work, whether it's indie-published or published by an publishing house, you might think about getting yourself a Wikipedia page.
Okay, the normal way for this to happen is for a grateful fan to take your work and want to share it with the public by putting up a Wiki page for it, but it doesn't have to be like that... no, not at all.
Over the last few days one of our members has been busy putting his brand new novel up as a Wiki page, complete with full plot details, to make it just like any other famous novel on Wiki. Now due to the safeguards that Wiki have in place, there is a few days wait before they allow the page to be put up, but that's just because the account is a new account, so we're reliably informed that it will be there in a few days.
And though we couldn't say that it's as easy as blogging, it is quite easy and as soon as you've done one, well, then you know the secrets and there's no stopping you.
So, you can wait and see what it looks like when it's done, or you can jump right in now. New Writers Club will do a page for you. Just contact me on Twitter and I can give you our e-mail address so we can discuss when we need from you to be able to put your page up.

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