Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Patricius Enigma - what some people said...

This is what some people have said about Sean Marshall's first novel, The Patricius Enigma, which tells a story about the theft of the Irish Crown Jewels... well not really, to be honest...

"Simply the best book you'll ever read" - the author
"A thrilling who-dunnit, comedy, tragedy, thriller, unputdownable read!" - a good friend of the author
"Not worth the money or the time it takes to read it" - a not-so-good friend of the author
"As if you'd know a good book when you see one, and I never knew you could read anyway" - the author
"A**hole" - the not so good friend of the reader

okay, you know that those comments are just the back cover... but here is an actual comment from a reader, I promise!
"Just finished the book, I started this afternoon at 2PM and couldn't put it down (due to enjoyment not due to an unforeseen adhesive issue). I had to keep my leg elevated for the day and you made this chore all the more easy - thanks."

Are they right, well why don't you check it out on or or search for it on and see what you think... there's a free sample on both smashwords and amazon that you can read but I promise, you may not be able to stop!

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