Tuesday, 28 September 2010

You have to start somewhere...

So you've written something... I don't mean like a letter or anything, I mean a story, book, novel, and you are going to get it published. Well, take it from someone who's been there before, this is where the hard work starts - and if you're not successful in getting a publisher and you decide to go it yourself, indiepublish, then the hard work goes on and on.
Of course, there's many sites out there who can help and this is another one of them... and we're free. In other words, this site is hosted by a small group of people sho've done this already - published their work on http://www.lulu.com/ for istance where you can get nice printed books that your readers can actually hold in their hot little hands; or on http://www.smashwords.com/ where you get all the possible varieties of electronic publishing; some have even gone the whole hog and got their indie-published book onto Amazon!
So when it's four in the morning and you just can't figure out exactly what the style guide requirements of Smashwords (for example) are, we'll help you just because we've been there and done that and bought the... well you get the picture.
So we're up and running.
You will soon see posts letting you know about new work published by new (and sometimes not so new) writers, so please follow and you can keep up to date... or follow us on Twitter or even join the group on FB - We really don't care how you do it, just KEEP UP TO DATE!