Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I can't believe it either...

I was talking to a new writer for New Writers Club this afternoon, a person by the name of Von Ryan, who is working on some stories for smashwords. The conversation came around to a short story writing competition that Von once took part in and one thing led to another and a Von told me that it was theoretically possible to write a story from scratch. Apparently I remember (I think - but don't quote me on it) that Stephen King in his earlier heyday of story writing would start off with just an idea for a start of a story... not the plot as such, sometimes just maybe the first line and find a story lurking there.
So anyway, Von went off and less than an hour later, I kid you not, came back with a perfectly good first draft of a story... which is going to be typo checked and given a quick rewrite and will then be up on smashwords before the weekend. So just from that conversation, we will have a new story to be talking about on NWC... now I just wish that I could do that, don't you... or maybe you can...

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